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**Legacy Podcast**

Ham Radio 360 was a bi-weekly Amateur Radio Podcast created for the “New Guy”. 
Hosted by Cale Nelson, K4CDN, the show chronicled his journey with over 3 and a half years of interviews and projects for all things Ham Radio. 
The show ran from 2014-2018.

This feed and it’s content are maintained by K4CDN as his continued contribution to the Ham Radio Hobby.

Jan 7, 2018

the re-Intro, Paradigm Shift


Hey Y'all,
Happy New Year!

Once again, here we are....
I've been to the future and now I'm back behind the mic, in the shack, to bring you another episode of Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  Thanks for tuning in to my return episode.  The break was a great refresher and in this 'different' show I break down what I learned and where I'm going!

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